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What happened back in the year 1888? Well, the inflatable tyre and first mass-produced camera were novel ideas in those days - and a magazine known then as ‘Needed Truth’ was first published. It’s amazing to think of how far technology has progressed in the past 120 years!

But, through all that time - and since its completion in the time of the Apostles - God’s Word, the Bible, hasn’t changed.

That doesn’t mean that our understanding of the Bible doesn’t change. One hundred and twenty years ago, the publishers of NT believed they had a fresh understanding of one of the Bible’s great central truths. They’d been asking ‘Where is God’s House today?’ And they sincerely believed God, at that time, had led them to a further discovery of what His will is in terms of Christian unity, and they wanted a means to share this particular teaching with others - so the precursor to the present style of this magazine was born.