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The illustration of the signpost is so very apt in many ways, for this magazine has always aimed to show ‘The Way’ prescribed in the New Testament for followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The conviction that early Christian history, as given in the book of Acts, is more than purely descriptive was the founding conviction that gave birth to this magazine in its traditional Needed Truth form. The understanding being that the body of teaching (‘the Faith,’ e.g. Jude v.3) defines the Way of Christian service until Christ’s return. After all, the ‘Apostles’ Teaching’ (Acts 2:42) was, of course, originally given to them by the One who could say ‘I am the Way’ (John 14:6).

The first Christians were those identified in the New Testament history book of Acts as ‘belonging to the Way’ (9:2). Saul of Tarsus persecuted some who were of ‘this Way’ to the death (22:4). These are but two of some seven such references in that book.

From its inception, this magazine has been devoted to the type of ministry Priscilla and Aquila were engaging in when they explained to Apollos ‘the way of God more accurately’ (18:26).  

Unlike Apollos, however, not everyone accepted further teaching regarding the truth that’s necessary to point them in the direction of the Way. Twice we read in Acts 19 of some who became hardened, ‘speaking evil of the Way’ (v.9), and so a disturbance arose ‘concerning the Way’ (v.23).

Paul, later, said ‘that according to the Way which they call a sect, I do serve … God’ (24:14). It’s our hope and prayer that this re-launch will result, under God, in many more having ‘a more exact knowledge about the Way’ (24:22).