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Our aim is to present the unchanging truth of God’s Word, the Bible, in these changing times.

In this web site supporting NT magazine, discover something of its ethos and origins by clicking the link below.

The signpost on our ‘first edition’ cover (and shown above) looks as though it’s been around for a while.

That’s deliberate, for although NT is a re-launch product, it’s far from new.

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Editors’ aims for NT are to present the truth of God’s Word in as helpful a way as possible.

One major 2017 study subject is an exploration of the roles and offices of our Lord Jesus Christ, while also considering His excellencies as viewed from the Gospels.

There will be a series of studies on the major prophetic themes of the Bible; and another on exploring the Covenants of the Bible.

As always, there’ll be commentary on the news & human interest features as well as stirring mission reports.

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